The 'BIG' Breakfast
Fried eggs, BBQ sausages, smoked bacon, onion, mushrooms, tomato & toast
Eggs Benedict 
Poached eggs with your choice of lean bacon, baby spinach OR smoked  salmon served on an English muffin with creamy Hollandaise sauce
Savoury Eggs
Scrambled eggs with fresh Roma tomato, Virginia ham and onion served with toast
Salmon and Eggs
Tasmanian smoked salmon served with fried eggs & toast
Vegetarian Breakfast
Delicious poached eggs, grilled mushrooms, tomato & baby spinach leaves served with toast
Bacon OR Vegetable Omelette
Served with toast
BBQ Sausages Breakfast
Fried eggs, grilled BBQ sausages & grilled tomato served with toast.
Bacon and Eggs
A traditional favourite - fried eggs, smoked bacon & grilled tomato served with toast
White, sourdough, multi grain  or Raisen Toast (2 slices) $3.50

Avocado Breakfast

Delicious poached eggs, Avocado, Vegemite served with Sourdough Toast.


Served from 6.00am to 11.30am