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Cut sandwiches, assorted fillings, multigrain, white,wholemeal. $7.00 ea Muffins. $3.50ea
Baguette rolls assorted fillings. $8.50 ea Coffee scrolls. $3.50ea
Wraps with assorted fillings. $8.50 ea Mini muffins. $3.00ea
Pizza slices assorted. $4.90ea Scones with jam and cream. $3.50ea
Cheese and fruit platter per person. $9.50ea Tarts and Slices. $3.00ea
Fresh fruit platter per person. $8.50ea Biscuits assorted. $2.50ea
Mini arancini (rice balls ) $2.20ea 500ml juices. $3.80ea
Sausage rolls and party pies $2.20ea 2Ltr Orange juice. $7.95ea
Sushi with assorted fillings. $4.45ea 250ml Sanpelligino. $3.50ea
Vietnamese rice paper roll. $4.45ea Assorted soft drinks cans. $2.50ea
Mini croissants savoury. $3.20ea Small coffee. $3.00ea
Mini croissants sweet. $2.50ea